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Floris van ’t Veer

fleet Manager

The van ‘t Veer family has been active in inland shipping for at least 5 generations. Floris grew up on board his parents’ inland vessel. He followed the MBO Rhine and Inland Navigation and then built up his experience in practice on board ms Ferramenta in the Rhine and Moselle navigation.

In 2002, Floris bought his own ship Nostra Nave and, together with his wife, mainly transported raw materials for construction for 14 years. In 2016, the Nostra Nave was sold, after which Floris started working as a captain at Shipping Factory. After the takeover of Shipping Factory by Delfia Inland Shipping in the autumn of 2021, he continued to sail on MCS Factotum / Alfa Bianco.

His experience as an independent entrepreneur and as a captain within Shipping Factory & Delfia Inland Shipping will come in handy for a new challenge in his career, the position of fleet manager. He started his work as a fleet manager at Delfia Inland Shipping in mid-2022. Floris is responsible for the operational affairs of the Alfa Verde, Alfa Nero, Alfa Rosso, Alfa Bianco and passenger ship Thalassa. In addition, he is also responsible for the entire personnel planning of the fleet. He has stopped sailing since 2023 and is now working in the office full-time.

Fleet Manager
015 203 39 50
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